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Technologies to make you thinner!


We get it… you’re not feeling your best because your life seems less than it should be. Your weight is not where it should be and that leaves you feeling out of control. And you just know it could be so much better.

At Innovations Health and Wellness, we have a variety of services and products that enable you to reach your weight loss goal, and to put you back on the road to feeling your best.

Our programs begin with setting a realistic weight loss goal. We’ll monitor your progress through your weight as well as other vital signs that let us know you’re well on your way. We teach you how to make healthier choices each and every day, resulting in a life-style change that will become permanent instead of a diet that is only short term. We don’t want your diet program to be just a temporary change in your eating habits, but a behavior change that will last a lifetime.

Both B-12 and Lipotropic injections will give you energy and boost your metabolism so you’ll burn calories at a faster rate. But the Lipotronic injection is more a detoxifier to help remove fatty deposits from your liver and kidneys. It’s also more aggressive and ideal for a higher weight loss goal or those with a history of high cholesterol.

Dreaming of the ideal you? Make a call and set yourself on a path of good living and life at its best!

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